35 at 35

My sister Sarah gave me the idea to do a 35 at 35 as she is also doing one herself.  I haven't actually got 35 things yet but am working on it!!  Here is what I have so far...(in no particular order)

1)  Treat myself to a designer handbag

2) Raise more money for CRUK
3) Eat sushi in Japan

4) Look after my niece and nephew for a whole weekend at my house.

4) Do nothing for a whole weekend

5) Learn to make macarons

6) Take someone on a surprise holiday

7) Climb more munros

8) Walk the West Highland Way

9) Run a half marathon

10) Enjoy photography again but just for me

11) Visit Germany and speak german

12) Try to stop being such a perfectionist

13) Climb Mont Blanc

14) Start a family

15) Decorate my house

16) Improve my geography

17) Visit Iguassu Falls in South America

18) Go on a proper road trip (America, Canada, New Zealand or Australia)

19) Own a dog

20) Cook a roast dinner

21) Gain chartership with the IMechE

22) Get published in LivingEtc

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