Saturday, 17 November 2012

{little bedroom]

I decided to start decorating some of the bedrooms upstairs.  The thought being that while I am saving up to take on the big project I will get on with some of the lower cost DIY intensive rooms.

The single bedroom upstairs seemed like a good candidate as it is the smallest room in the house.  It has a single bed with a pull out underneath for when my delightful but chaotic niece and nephew come to stay.

So the plan of action and current progress:

1) Strip the wall paper - in parts the wall paper turned out to be 4 layer thick and had yellow, pink, blue and grey (yey!) plus a few layers of paint. So all in all it was a bit of a slog to remove and I'd estimate took about 10 hours.  I just finished this the other night.

2) Rip off the current skirting boards - I will be replacing with new either in a traditional style.

3) Remove the raditaor and light switches / fittings

4) Get the walls skimmed or lining papered

5) Get the door dipped and strip and repaint the surround white - I've almost stripped all the paint off the door surround.

6) Install new picture rail painted white

7) Install new radiator

8) Install new light fittings / switches and plug sockets

9) Install new laminate flooring and skirting boards

10) Paint the room (jury still out over the colour...)

Here are some colours I like - leaning towards the more period colours and possibly a blue, green, purple or yellow.  I'm not allowed to paint it a pale grey....!!!

This is my favourite inspiration so far for colours:

This is Farrow and Ball paint in colours stone blue and brassica.  I love this!!!

Some colours from Fired Earth...

Some colours from Farrow & Ball

If there is space we would love to put in a traditional style radiator:

I like this vintage style light for on the wall:

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