Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Call of The Stag

I really wanted some artwork for in my dining room which wasn't my own photos as I already have too many of them up in the house.  I was browsing on Pinterest and stumbled upon the following image while searching for resin deer heads!!  I absolutely loved it and followed the link to a Flickr page.  The page belonged to Rob Cox who has some amazing wildlife shots.  I got in touch with him and enquired how much it would be to purchase a copy of his image, I also alerted him to the fact that his images were available to be downloaded by anyone on Flickr and suggested he should change his settings.  As a thank you he gave me a copy of the image for nothing.  I have since had it put on a 20" by 40" wide canvas and its waiting to go up in the dining room.
Copyright Rob Cox Photography
I love it and it tones in really well with the olive green paint I have chosen for the dining room.  Can't wait to get it up on the wall.  Big thank you to Rob!!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Amoooosing Birthday Present :-)

Again so sorry its been so long between blogs.  November has been so busy for me and I have been all over the place for work and play so haven't had much time to do anything in the house.  However, this weekend I am home and have got cracking again...

Unfortunately, I heard that my yellow sofa for the kitchen has been delayed due to a problem at the mill with the fabric.  It should have been here a couple of weeks ago but it won't be arriving now until December :-( which is rubbish!! It better be worth the wait. I want to get ONE room finished so I can do an actual before and after photo.

I ordered my paint for the dining room from Fired Earth online as my local B&Q didn't stock the colour.  Its Wild Olive which is part of the Kevin McCloud range which I love.  It's the first time I have ever used what I would class as "designer paint" so will be interesting to see if I think it's any better!!  I've done one coat so far and I am loving it.  Can't wait to get it finished and get the room accessorised.

It was my birthday at the start of November and I got an amazing present.  It's from a shop in Milton of Crathes called Rustiques (a nice interiors shop with loads of gorgeous bits and bobs).  I have been searching for the perfect animal head for in the house but hadn't found anything yet.  In Rustiques I saw a nickel cast cow skull.  I loved it but its was quite expensive so I didn't buy it there and then.  Anyway, I got it for my birthday :-)  It will be taking pride of place on the dining room wall and I can't wait to get it up there!  Just so you know it's a cast of an ethically sourced cow skull.

Nickel Cow Skull
FYI - off out for dinner tonight hence the outfit!  It's my new top and skirt from a recent person shopping experience at Frasers in Glasgow - both Mint Velvet.  Gorgeous brand I had not heard of until last week.